2018 Q2 Grant Recipients Announced!

Keep Swimming Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 second quarter grants! Keep Swimming Foundation provides financial support to the families of critically ill patients so that they can afford the non-medical costs associated with long-term inpatient care.

The second quarter grants have been awarded to families who have faced an extended inpatient hospital stay between April 1, 2018 and June 30, 2018. After reviewing dozens of applications, the Board of Directors selected four families:

Family #1 - Milwaukee, WI - Recipients of a $1,000 Grant

This Milwaukee family's teenage son was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. His mother, a single parent of three children and the sole wage earner, is on the verge of losing her family's home after needing to cut back on her work schedule due to her son's condition. Her son has spent nearly sixty consecutive days in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy and various other cancer-related treatments. Upon learning she would become the recipient of a Keep Swimming Foundation grant, through a translator, the mother exclaimed, "God bless your foundation! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Family #2 - Los Angeles, CA - Recipients of a $1,000 Grant

Our second Q2 family is, sadly, very familiar with the inner workings of a hospital. Their four year-old daughter has spent over 154 combined days in critical care dating back to August 2017. Their most recent stay began in early May 2018, which lasted just under seventy days. Their daughter is battling a very rare condition called Fibrodysplasia Ossifications Progressiva. In a letter from their physician, the family was described as "A wonderful family" and "Amazing Advocates for [their daughter]". Upon learning of the news, their nurse, (who nominated the family) became emotional and shared with us that on the same day they were learning of the $1,000 grant, they were receiving a surprise from their medical team and being sent home.

Family #3 - Philadelphia, PA - Recipients of a $750 Grant

The third grant of Q2 has been provided to a family in Philadelphia whose daughter suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and is currently listed and waiting for a double lung transplant. Like most individuals on the transplant wait list, their daughter has been in-and-out of the hospital undergoing various treatments as her condition changes over time. Throughout this quarter, the family has endured numerous hospital stays ranging from two to three weeks. One of their daughter's admissions lasted exactly twenty-one days, thus meeting the application requirements. This grant helps cover their daily hospital parking expense of $21 per day, as well as their constant need for gasoline, which they go through often during their daily two-hour drive back-and-forth from home to the hospital.

Family #4 - Chicago, IL - Recipient of a $500 Grant

The final family to receive a grant this quarter is from the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Their son, a college student, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in early 2016. After nearly a year of treatment, he learned that he was in remission later that year. He returned to college, but then learned in late December 2017 that the cancer had returned. Once again, he left college and began undergoing outpatient treatment. Finally, in May 2018, he was admitted to a Chicago hospital for several rounds of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. He is currently completing the first week of his doctor-ordered 100 days of isolation, which will be briefly served in the hospital before being sent home. The family submitted several receipts for gasoline and parking pertaining to the period of time related to his stem cell transplant. This grant covers the total amount submitted.

Keep Swimming Foundation is able to help these families because of the donations received from its incredibly generous donors. Each day, the foundation receives applications from families across the USA whose financial and medical struggles are similar to the stories shared with you today.

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