2019 Q2 Grant Recipients Announced!

It is with great pleasure that Keep Swimming Foundation announces the 2019 Q2 Grant Recipient families, for this was the first quarter in Keep Swimming Foundation’s history in which our Junior Board came together to help additional families in need.

In total, $8,700 has been provided to families of critically ill individuals this quarter. The following are the stories of the families who your generous donations have greatly impacted:

Family #1 – Delhi, CA – Recipients of a $3,000 Grant 

After four years of waiting for a lung transplant, the mother of this 3-person family received the lifesaving phone call in February 2019. Her daughter, and only child, was able to take off six weeks of work so that she could serve as the primary caretaker for her mother while she recovered at home.

On March 26, 2019, the mother was readmitted to the hospital due to complications from the surgery. At this point, the daughter’s six-week reprieve from work was coming to an end. Upon requesting additional time off, she was terminated. The daughter (along with her father) moved to San Francisco, where her mother was being treated by the team that performed the transplant. After numerous complications, the mother remains hospitalized in San Francisco where she was recently removed from an induced coma.

Since being admitted to the hospital in March, the daughter has depleted her life’s savings on lodging and meals. After spending thousands of dollars on lodging, both the daughter and father moved into the mother’s hospital room full-time and converted their father’s truck into their bedroom where they slept for several weeks until a social worker was able to negotiate a fair and affordable nightly rate through a local connection.

This grant will replenish the daughter’s savings account and enable them to stay in San Francisco with their mother while she fights to return to normalcy.

Family #2 – Kansas City, MO – Recipients of a $2,000 Grant

Upon completing several tests on this Missouri family’s baby girl, doctors at their local hospital discovered that her heart was not functioning properly. The family was rushed to a specialty pediatric hospital in Kansas City where it was discovered that a congenital heart defect was causing blood to flood into her lungs. In addition, pediatric specialists also discovered a grade 4 brain bleed. Despite being told that their daughter would not make it through the weekend, the child survived and grew strong enough to undergo the first of three surgeries to repair her heart. In December 2018, after six months of inpatient care, the baby was discharged. In April 2019, the child was readmitted for her second of the three surgeries where she and her family remained under inpatient care for six weeks.

We just learned that, last weekend, the family celebrated their daughter’s first birthday at their home with friends and family. This grant covers the entirety of the family’s submitted expenses related to gasoline, meals and lodging during the child’s second surgery and hospital stay. 

Family #3 – Harrodsburg, KY – Recipients of a $1,500 Grant

After multiple rounds of IVF, this Kentucky couple learned that they were pregnant with their first child. Not long after, their infant son was born prematurely. After exhibiting several respiratory issues, their son was diagnosed with HFGS, a very rare genetic syndrome. The child was transferred to a specialized hospital in Cincinnati where he has been for the past three weeks. The child’s mother stays with him daily in the hospital before retiring to a nearby hotel room in downtown Cincinnati.

We just learned that the mother has been accepted into a nearby housing facility while the child undergoes further treatment. This grant will pay down the vast majority of her outstanding bill from the hotel.


Yesterday, Keep Swimming Foundation formally announced Keep Swimming Foundation’s Junior Board. The Junior Board is a collection of high school students from across the country who come together to raise money online and through events at their schools to help families in need and to aid our foundation’s growth.

Junior Board Logo.png

Each quarter, after the Board of Directors make their selections and largely exhausts the quarter’s allocated grant funds, Junior Board Members are provided with a selection of pre-approved applications. The students later come together (with guidance from representatives of the Board of Directors) to select a second group of families to receive a Keep Swimming Foundation grant.

This quarter, students raised $1,700 for families in need. An additional $500 of remaining funds were added to the Junior Board’s funds by the Board of Directors. The following families were selected by students to receive financial aid:   

Family #4 – Bloomington, IL – Recipients of a $1,550 Grant – Junior Board Selection

The patient, a decorated veteran (Purple Heart Medal), learned that he was diagnosed with Leukemia before the holidays last December. After undergoing chemotherapy treatment at a local hospital, his care was transferred to a hospital in downtown Chicago after he showed signs of kidney failure, heart failure, blood infections, and several other Leukemia-related complications, including a total loss of hearing. At the family’s request, he was later transferred to another Chicago-based hospital that was capable of providing a higher level of care.

Between March and June 2019, he was discharged and readmitted several times until finally returning home in June 2019.

Throughout those months, both his sister and mother took shifts visiting and caring for him until late May when his sister gave birth and his mother became the primary caretaker.

The Junior Board selected this family to receive a grant so that both the mother and daughter can recoup the non-medical debt they incurred between April and June.

Family #5 – Atlanta, GA – Recipients of a $650 Grant – Junior Board Selection

In March 2019, this family’s first child was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a congenital condition that causes multiple joints in the patient to form abnormally. The child was later transferred from their local hospital in southern Georgia to a specialized hospital in downtown Atlanta, where the child received a tracheostomy.

After a five-week hospital stay, the child was discharged. His mother, a third grade elementary school teacher, has since quit her job to provide 24-hour care. The Junior Board has chosen to award this grant to the family to aid them with various expenses, including bedside meals, and gasoline for their trips to-and-from the hospital.


Every dollar given to these families has come from our incredible base of supporters. Every donation, regardless of its size, plays a large role in bettering the lives of these families who find themselves in a dire circumstance.

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