Announcing: Keep Swimming Foundation's Junior Board

We are pleased to formally announce the foundation’s latest endeavor, Keep Swimming Foundation’s Junior Board. The Junior Board is a collection of high school students from across the country who come together to raise money online and through events at their schools to help families in need.

Junior Board Logo.png

At the conclusion of each quarter, a large percentage of the funds raised by the students is strictly allocated to mission-based relief efforts for families in need. The remainder of the raised funds benefit the foundation’s growth and sustainability.

Beginning today, after the Board of Directors make their selections and exhaust the quarter’s allocated grant funds, Junior Board Members will be provided with a selection of pre-approved applications. These applications are of families the Board of Directors would like to select, but lack the funds to provide after extensive deliberation. The students later come together on a conference call (with guidance from representatives of the Board of Directors) to select a second group of families to receive a Keep Swimming Foundation grant.

On Thursday, we will announce all of the most recent families aided by Keep Swimming Foundation. 

The 2019 Q3 Junior Board has already been formed. There is currently a wait list for 2019 Q4 and 2020 Q1 Junior Board. If you know of a student who would like to join a future Junior Board, please have them use this page to share with us their interest.