2018 Q1 Grant Recipients Announced!

Keep Swimming Foundation is both proud and excited to announce the recipients of the foundation's 2018 first quarter grants! Keep Swimming Foundation provides financial support to the families of critically ill patients so that they can afford the non-medical costs associated with long-term inpatient care.

The foundation received a large amount of grant requests from patients and their families throughout the country. After analyzing each of the applications, Keep Swimming Foundation's Board of Directors selected four families who will receive varying levels of funding to help alleviate their rising debt as they care for their loved one.

The following are the stories of these families.

Family #1 – Philadelphia, PA – Recipients of a $1,000 Grant

After their daughter received a bilateral lung transplant in late 2017, the foundation's first selected family was anticipating a quick recovery. Unfortunately, due to a wide array of complications, their daughter remains under the close supervision of medical staff. In early 2018, the patient’s mother moved her life from the suburbs of New Jersey to downtown Philadelphia so that she could oversee her daughter’s care. In doing so, she has accrued over $10,000 in expenses, primarily related to lodging at nearby hotels and at a local transplant house, which offers families of transplant patients a place to stay at a discounted rate while their loved one undergoes care.

The family’s social worker wrote a letter of recommendation to Keep Swimming Foundation’s Board of Directors where she summarized the family’s attitude. In this letter,  the social worker wrote, “I have gotten to know the patient and her mother well over these last several months; I am confident in saying that the world needs more people like them who are able to maintain a sense of humor, bright attitude and keep the hope.”

Family #2 – Las Vegas, NV – Recipients of a $1,000 Grant

The foundation's second selected family is a couple who were described by their primary nurse as, “... a truly lovely couple who never leave each other’s side.” The husband was diagnosed with multiple organ failure several months ago and required an emergency helicopter ride to take him and his wife from their home in Nevada to southern California where he could receive proper treatment. After spending several months in the hospital, the family was discharged to a nearby transplant house until his doctors felt that he was stable enough to return to his home in Nevada. After spending the better portion of March in the transplant home, we are happy to announce that both the husband and wife were recently able to return home to Nevada. However, due to the husband's poor health, the couple was not capable of flying, so they had to rent a vehicle large enough to store several tanks of oxygen for their return trip from southern California to Nevada. In total, the couple (primarily the wife while her husband was stabilized in the hospital) has accrued nearly $10,000 of debt related to meals and lodging dating back to early January.

Family #3 – Chicago, IL – Recipients of a $750 Grant

The recipients of the third grant in our foundation’s history is a couple from Chicago whose first child was born with a congenital heart defect. Their child spent his entire life in the NICU nursery either preparing for or recovering from surgery. Sadly, in early March, the child passed away in his mother’s arms. We were told by the family’s social worker that the couple rarely left the hospital. If they did, it was to shower at a nearby hotel and grab a meal while their spouse stayed with their baby. The couple submitted the total hotel, parking and meal expenses they accrued throughout their child’s life and battle. This grant covers the full amount requested.

Family #4 – Orlando, FL – Recipients of a $650 Grant

Much like Family #1, this family’s daughter is also suffering from complications stemming from a transplant.  After giving birth, the patient received her transplant in late December. She has since not left the hospital and her family is supporting her by babysitting her infant child and toddler while her father oversees her care in the critical care unit of an Orlando hospital. The family humbly submitted a week of hotel stays and meals. This grant covers the full amount requested.

Keep Swimming Foundation is able to help these families because of the generous donations the foundation has received in its first 5.5 months of existence. Each day, the foundation receives applications from families across the country whose financial and medical struggles are similar to the stories shared with you today.

Help us continue to help these families by making a donation today!