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Keep Swimming Foundation’s Junior Board enables students to develop leadership skills, access and review authentic medical case files, and gain real-world experience of serving on a Board of Directors, all while networking with fellow students and aspiring medical professionals across the country.

Most importantly, Keep Swimming Foundation’s Junior Board will have a direct impact on the lives of families in need.

Keep Swimming Foundation’s Junior Board is launching in April 2019 during the foundation’s Q2 2019 application window.


Keep Swimming Foundation’s Junior Board will come together to raise crucial funds for the families of critically ill patients through both online and offline fundraisers. At the end of each quarter, Keep Swimming Foundation’s Board of Directors will provide the Junior Board with multiple completed applications. These applications are from families the Board of Directors would like to aid but lack the ability to aid, due to funding.

50% of the money raised by the Junior Board will be allocated to these families. The Junior Board will be given sole discretion, as they work together via a conference call to commit their dollars to one or multiple families. The remaining 50% of raised funds will go towards Keep Swimming Foundation’s operating budget, including marketing projects or various other fundraising efforts.

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