Our Mission: Relief for families

Keep Swimming Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides financial relief to families of critically ill patients who require extended inpatient medical care at an accredited USA hospital.

Life can change in an instant. All too often families find themselves faced with unexpected medical bills after the diagnosis of a life-threatening or life-changing event. 

While health insurance provides support for medical costs, families faced with extended inpatient care typically shoulder the burden of the external costs associated with visiting and caring for their loved one. Because of this need, Keep Swimming Foundation was born.


  • Hotel Rooms - Some families need to spend the night at a nearby hotel prior to or after a major surgery for their own comfort or for the emotional support of a loved one.

  • Bedside Meals - When faced with a crisis, it is common for families (especially parents of young children) to not feel comfortable leaving their loved one's bedside for extended periods of time. These families frequently order most of their meals from fast food restaurants or hospital cafeterias, which adds up very quickly.

  • Parking - Most parking garages (particularly those in major metropolitan areas) charge heavy rates.

  • Public Transportation - While public transportation can be affordable, consistent, unplanned trips can cause financial hardship.

  • Gasoline - When a loved one is ill, many families are required to drive to-and-from the hospital and their home on a daily basis. The extra driving results in several additional tanks of gas each month.

  • Rent/Mortgage Payments - When families are forced to confront the extreme costs of a hospitalization, many struggle to afford their rent and mortgage payments. An astounding number of hard-working families reach out to Keep Swimming Foundation on a monthly basis, stating how they are dangerously close to losing their home through foreclosure or eviction.