Nomination PROCESS :

it all begins with a family in need

Keep Swimming Foundation accepts nominations throughout the year and dispenses funds on a quarterly basis.

Nominations are accepted from four groups of individuals who may be closely involved in a patient's care: Family Members, Friends of the Family, Medical Professionals, and Representatives of Organizations who may be overseeing a patient's medical needs.

The nomination process is designed to be simple for any individual with intimate knowledge pertaining to a patient's extended inpatient care.

Step One:
Nominate a family via the online application form

Step Two:
If the application meets our qualifications, the applicant will receive a message within 5-10 business days confirming the receipt of the application. At this point, the applicant will be asked to submit a signed HIPAA Authorization Form (also known as a “Release of Information Form”) from either the patient (if the patient is 18 or older) or a legal guardian (if the patient is under 18 years of age). The application will not be considered until this step is completed.

Step Three:
The family will be asked to submit supporting documentation to verify the authenticity of their financial need. At this step, additional information may be requested. All submissions must be made via email. Fax and standard mail will not be accepted at this time.

Step Four:
If needed, a member of the hospital will be asked to confirm the validity of the patient’s claims pertaining to the length of the patient’s admission and diagnosis. (This step will never occur without the patient first signing a HIPAA Authorization Form from the treating hospital).

Step Five:
Keep Swimming Foundation’s Board of Directors will meet on a quarterly basis to consider all applications and select the families who will receive financial aid. Grantees will be announced within 10 business days of the quarterly deadline.

Please Note: Any candidate data reviewed/utilized will be de-identified during the nomination process. 

Frequently asked questions:

When will the Board of Directors meet to select applications?
The Board of Directors meet on a quarterly basis to review applications from the prior application period.

If my application is not selected, may I reapply for the next quarter?
Yes, however, the patient must be receiving extended inpatient hospital care within the quarter the application is received.

If my family is selected for a grant and we remain in the hospital during or throughout the following quarter, may we reapply for additional funding?
No. In an attempt to spread our donors' generosity, we have a one grant per family policy.

If I submit an application, am I guaranteed grant money?
No. Much like the vast majority of grants, only a select few will receive a grant. The number of families who receive a grant will vary each quarter depending on funding.

What criteria is used when selecting a family?
Keep Swimming Foundation uses the information collected on the application form as well as any additional information collected after submission. Decisions are based on financial need, the amount requested, compliance with requested documentation and the qualifications outlined by Keep Swimming Foundation.

I submitted my HIPAA Authorization Form. How long until I advance to Step 3 of the nomination process?
Please allow 5-10 business days for processing. Once your HIPAA Authorization Form is processed, you will be contacted by the foundation regarding next steps.

When are the quarterly application deadlines?

Quarter 1: March 31st

Quarter 2: June 30th

Quarter 3: September 30th

Quarter 4: December 31st

Applies to 2019 hospitalizations