Since January 2018, Keep Swimming Foundation has selected multiple families, on a quarterly basis, to receive a Keep Swimming Foundation grant.

Each of these families reached out to our foundation in search of financial aid when their loved one was critically ill and fighting for their life for an extended period of time at an accredited U.S. hospital.

Some of these families have graciously offered to share their stories with our cameras.

You may also click here to read a brief synopsis of every family the foundation has aided.


Karen Brown and Jonathan Fell are a couple from Chicago whose first child was born with a congenital heart defect. Their child spent his entire life in the NICU nursery either preparing for or recovering from surgery. Sadly, in early March 2018, the child passed away in his mother’s arms. The family’s social worker commented on how the couple rarely left the hospital. If they did, it was to shower at a nearby hotel and grab a meal while their spouse stayed with their baby. The couple submitted the total hotel, parking and meal expenses they accrued throughout their child’s life and battle. The grant they received covered the full amount requested.



Janet and Kevin McKeon accrued nearly $10,000 of debt related to meals and lodging throughout Kevin’s long-term battle with idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension, as well as end-stage kidney and heart failure.

In April 2018, the McKeon’s became one of the first four families to be selected for a Keep Swimming Foundation grant.



Keep Swimming Foundation is prepared to assist Spanish-speaking families through our wonderful team of volunteer translators and our three-step application process, which has been fully translated into Spanish.

In July 2018, Wanda Santiago and her family became the first Spanish-speaking family to utilize our translation services so that their story was properly submitted and evaluated by our Board of Directors.