Keep Swimming Foundation Expands Its Mission and Max Grant Value

Keep Swimming Foundation is expanding its mission to help families of critically ill individuals cover rent and mortgage payments when their loved one is undergoing an extended inpatient medical crisis.

“A very high percentage of applications the foundation received throughout 2018 included statements from families about how they were struggling to keep up with their rent or mortgage payments due to the astronomical costs of long-term medical and non-medical expenses,” said Bill Coon, Founder and Board President of Keep Swimming Foundation. “This past quarter, our Board of Directors unanimously agreed to add this element of the family’s experience to our mission statement. Fortunately, our donors have been so wonderful to us that we were in the financial position to support this needed expansion.”

Keep Swimming Foundation also announced an increase of its maximum potential grant value to $3,000, which is double the amount of the initial maximum grant value of $1,500.

Keep Swimming Foundation’s Board of Directors voted to backdate the change so that 2018 Q4 applicants could receive the same coverage.  

The foundation plans to announce the selected 2018 Q4 families on 1/25/19 via social media and an official announcement on their website.

To learn more about Keep Swimming Foundation’s application process and qualifications, click this link.

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